The Renaissance of Love


“For millions of years, Love has been honoured through nature, forests, temples, and stars. It has the advantage of being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Love is unique and eternal; indestructible.

Throughout the history of worlds and peoples, Love has always been an attempt to understand what God, the Creator, the Source, is. Many have looked outside themselves and found nothing, for the secret of Love is within ourselves. It is that space which makes this vibration immortal.
This vibration, which timelessly radiates through your soul, has the ability to transmute all suffering, yet its primary ability is Unity. The progression of this strong vibration through the Universe creates Unity, and so it becomes a primordial essence, the essence from which all is realised.

See in this book the revelation of your Love so that it unifies with the primordial essence. You will find your purest unity in this space of infinite vibration which is none other than that of the Source.

Amen.” Isis


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